David Gueringer

Castle BigMart, Mr. Guy 1, Mr. Guy 2, Mr. Guy 3, The Aspicdemic, The Cheese Caves, Zombie Adoption Program

Composer for the ZAP & the Mr. Guy Theme Songs

David Gueringer (he/him) Writer/composer of the Zombie Adoption program, and the Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter’s theme songs (as well as a whole playlist of other Oneshi Theme Songs). David is a classically and jazz trained pianist and clarinetist with over 18 years of performing experience. He takes a musicians-approach in modern composing. Playing in symphonies, orchestras, jazz bands, drum line, and his current band, Doum Sound, David has fostered a love for many styles of music and hands on experience with playing and structuring a wide range of genres. With the tutelage and expertise of many world-class instructors, including Danny Leake (sound engineer), Dr. Soo Lee (pianist), James Perkins (woodwinds), and many others, he has gained a depth in knowledge of performing, composing, and working with audio in a professional setting. Through these influences he creates truly unique audio experiences.