To save himself, he may have to save us all. How tedious.

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter ReLaunch on KickstarterMr. Guy and the Origins Comics Anthology relaunches on Kickstarter 8/10 – 9/10

“Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1” Written by Jayel Draco featuring art by: Sonne, Jayel Draco, Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, Jacey Chase, Sophia Murphy, and more TBA! The First 4 x 8-page Arcs of Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter are coming soon on kickstarter along with Oneshi Press’ 10th comics Anthology: Origins, and SO MUCH MORE! 

To start with we have Arc 1: Stoopid Vermin Illustrated by Jayel Draco

Mr. Guy recalls the night he was just minding his own business, babysitting a cow, when a bunch of weirdos showed up and started biting! Before he knew it, he’d been gnawed on by some jerk, shot a bunch of other jerks, and gained a sidekick called Spooky, who took up residence in his rotting arm. The duo set off to cure themselves by learning how to cure the ZMB virus—and saving the world on the way.  Illustrated by Jayel Draco (PACKTracy QueenChildren of Gaia) with flat colors by Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba.

Then we bring you right into Arc 2: A Damned Drink illustrated by Walter Ostlie

Mr. Guy moseys into town with Spooky in his arm, just looking to get a damned drink of Shwiskey. Instead, he finds himself and his spectral sidekick surrounded by the undead. Using his best martial arts training, Mr. Guy lays into those who’d eat his brains…and discovers his new pal Spooky grants his infected limb with neato powers! Illustrated by Walter Ostlie (Shiver BureauMetalshark Bro).

Which seamlessly transitions into Arc 3: Muskrat City by Diana Camero

Turns out the whole damn town of Muskrat City is infested with the infected! Mr. Guy and Spooky fight their way out of a hardware store, but all their implements of destruction aren’t enough. When they climb through an open window to escape the ravening horde, they find themselves in a lab where the ZMB Virus may have begun. Illustrated by Diana Camero (Guts).

And finally, Act 1 is curtailed with Arc 4: Resident Viral Illustrated by Jacey Chase

Look, Mr. Guy didn’t get infected with a spectral skull just so he could be ripped to shreds by a drooling, tentacled lab experiment gone wrong! Determined to escape this new threat, he and Spooky look for help from a mysterious stranger who’d rather play with puzzles than help save humanity. Better escape to the sewers so they can live to fight on in Act 2! Illustrated by Jacey Chase (Far Away, Junction).

Here’s the big idea:
"Mr Guy: Zombie Hunter" Page 1 panels 1 & 2

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is a delicious zombie-apocalypse caper of ridiculous proportions. Written by Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco, the book is a 12-chapter saga exploring a smattering of zombie-apocalypse tropes. Each 8-page mini-story is paired with a different illustrator to create a brand-new comic book style we’re calling an “art-thology.” Cute, right? This unique approach gives the cohesive narrative rich variations in flavor to keep readers turning them zesty pages.

"Mr Guy: Zombie Hunter" Page 1 panels 3 & 4

Each story arc takes on a different pop-culture zombie trope as our erstwhile warrior tries to figure out where the apocalypse began. Could it have been a retrovirus? Perhaps a voodoo spell? Maybe divine retribution? How about GMOs? Are we saying it’s aliens?

"Mr Guy: Zombie Hunter" Page 1 panel 5

Tag along as our reluctant hero—a half-goblin ne’er-do-well named Mr. Guy—strives to uncover the origins of this apocalypse. He’s got to find a cure for himself…which likely means he’ll inadvertently have to save the whole hecking world, too. He’s less than stoked about it.

Stay tuned as Mr. Guy solves it all or dies trying.

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Castle Bigmart is spoken-word zombie-apocalypse survival story that will eventually tie into Mr. Guy’s story-line.

Written and recited by Jayel Draco © 2012.
Jonah Byrd – Acoustic Guitar | Joe Che – Mandolin | Jack Schell – Cubase.