To save himself, he may just have to save us all… how tedious.

"Mr Guy: Zombie Hunter" Page 1 panels 1 & 2

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is an epic, post-zombie apocalypse, action/horror/comedy graphic novel. The story features 1 continuous narrative written by Jayel Draco, broken up into 12x 8-page story-arcs, each one illustrated by a different artist delivering a smorgasbord of visual stylings. Each Arc explores a different take on this well-loved theme, the varied visual stylings help to frame each vignette with its own delectable sensibilities.

"Mr Guy: Zombie Hunter" Page 1 panels 3 & 4

Mr. Guy pulls no punches and takes no crap. Haunted by a sassy spectre named Spooky who lives in his infected flesh, his new life is less than ideal. He’ll go to heck and back to free himself from this curse, but to fix it he’ll have to figure out what caused it. Join our anti-hero as he begrudgingly deconstructs the numerous tropes of various horror sub-genres set in a modern high-fantasy world.

"Mr Guy: Zombie Hunter" Page 1 panel 5

Typically, any given zombie apocalypse story, will have you suspend disbelief and enter a world where their mythos is the cannon-proper lore. Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter however, suffers no such delusions. What really brought about these dark times, where the dead don’t rest unless they’re in pieces? Could it have been a retrovirus, perhaps a voodoo spell, maybe divine retribution, how about GMOs, are we saying it’s Aliens? Stay tuned as Mr. Guy solves it all or dies trying.

Castle Bigmart is Spoken word Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Story. Written and recited by Jayel Draco © 2012.
Jonah Byrd – Acoustic Guitar | Joe Che – Mandolin | Jack Schell – Cubase.