The story of a cursed, half-goblin, reluctant hero…

Spooky here, to tell you what Mr. Guy is all about!

Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter's floating ghost-skull sidekick, Spooky

I am Spooky! That’s not a description—that’s my name. I am the spectral remains of the zombie that bit Mr. Guy and started this whole zom-com caper! If it weren’t for me, Mr. Guy would still be the same gig-working, dirty-dancing, chicken-fighting, half-goblin dude he was before the apocalypse. Or maybe he’d be one of the walking dead. Who knows?

But, since I dis-un-dead-ed myself to hang out with him (not the way I pictured my best after-life!), his zombie bite won’t consume him until he dies. In the meantime, we’re stuck together…unless we can get rid of this curse. To free ourselves from it, we’ve got to find a cure for our predicament…which means we’ll have to save all of Planet Dearth, too.

Honestly? We’re less than stoked about it. Mr. Guy and I don’t always get along, but we do make a pretty good team. Turns out that, in my spectral-sidekick form, I give him neato powers that help him fight off the undead hordes while we try to find the cure to the zombie apocalypse.

That makes Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter (the book, not the dude) a zombie-apocalypse caper of ridiculous proportions. Set in a modern-day fantasy world and written by Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco, it’s a 12-chapter saga, written that explores a smattering of zombie-apocalypse tropes. Each 8-page mini-story is paired with a different illustrator to create a brand-new comic book style—an “art-thology.” Cute, right? 

Each story arc takes on a different pop-culture version of the zombie apocalypse as my erstwhile warrior pal and I try to figure out where the whole thing began. Could it have been a retrovirus? Perhaps a voodoo spell? Maybe divine retribution? How about GMOs? Are we saying it’s aliens? You’ll have to follow along to find out!

Page 1 of Arc 1 of Act 1 of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter! Check out the Galleries for more art

To save himself, he may have to save us all.
How tedious.

MR. GUY’S THEME SONG by David Gueringer at Next Arc Studios. [CW: Strobing Video]

Elsewhere on Planet Dearth…

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Coming soon:
Castle BIGmart

armor embellished box store logo for Castle BIGmart: Where true value knows no armageddon (sorry, we're open)

Castle BIGmart—where true value know no Armageddon—is a spoken-word zombie-apocalypse survival story that takes place in the same modern fantasy world as Mr. Guy.

Jayel Draco: Writer/Vox | Jonah Byrd: Guitar | Joe Che: Mandolin | Jack Schell: Cubase. | © 2012.

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