Mr. Guy’s Creator

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Jayel Draco

Writer, designer, lead artist, and co-publisher of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and co-founder of Oneshi Press (co-creator/writer of Children of Gaia, illustrator/designer & co-creator of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, Tracy Queen, and PACK), Jayel is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration. For over a decade, he has done freelance work as an art director, illustrator, animator, graphic designer, VFX technician, and web designer on a variety of multimedia projects.

His animation work for Wagner’s Die WalkĂŒre (conducted by James Levine and directed by Robert LePage) was shown at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and his animation work for Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men (written by Joss Whedon, illustrated by John Cassaday, and directed by Neal Adams) was projected onto the side of a building in Union Square at MarvelFest. He recently left a four-year stint of working at Neal Adams Continuity Studios as a web designer, animator, and VFX technician to focus on developing Oneshi Press. Jayel continues to work with a plethora of clients on a freelance basis to help support Oneshi Press’s development.

Jayel is also the Illustrator of Mr. Guy – Act I – Arc I – Stoopid Vermin. He’s has been drawing doodles of Mr. Guy and Spooky since the mid-90s. It seemed only right that he start the series off by illustrating Act I – Arc I, and end the 12-arc series by illustrating Act III – Arc XII with his own illustrations, sandwiching this awesome roster of talented artists.


Mr. Guy: Act 1 – Artist Credits

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Cover Artist of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act I, a guest artist in OPCA 6 and PACK 1, and a contributor to OPCA 9, Sonne is a young artist stationed on NĂžrrebro in Copenhagen. He was born and raised on the beautiful island of Bornholm, in the middle of the Baltic Sea. His childhood years always revolved around artistic endeavors, and they have stuck with him throughout his life. Working mainly with the subject of beautiful men, creating masculine yet aesthetically pleasing pictures is something Sonne excels at. With graphic backgrounds and saturated colors, he creates almost whimsical portraits of men.


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Walter Ostlie

Illustrator of Mr. Guy – Act I – Arc II – A Damned Drink and cover artist for OPCA 7, Walter Ostlie is a full-time comics creator, writer, and artist. He started teaching himself to write and draw in 2008 and had his first graphic novel, Cubicles, published by 2011 by Red5 Comics. After the success of Cubicles, Walter moved on to his sophomore project, Shiver Bureau, which raised over $13,000 on Kickstarter. Shiver Bureau was originally self-published, but it was later picked up by Scout Comics to be republished for Diamond distribution. The quality of his first two books garnered the attention of the Webtoon editorial staff. This led to the creation of Haxor, a featured Webtoon comic. His new project is Metalshark Bro, a “were-shark battling demon” story that raised over $25,000 on Kickstarter, and was released in the first quarter of 2019.


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Diana Camero

Illustrator of Mr. Guy – Act I – Arc III – Muskrat City, and contributor to OPCA 7, Diana Camero is a videogame and animation concept artist who is trying her hand at comics. Diana has worked in a variety of videogames as an illustrator and UI designer, and loves all things animation and birds.


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Jacey Chase

Illustrator for Mr. Guy – Act I – Arc IV – Resident Viral, with guest art in OPCAs 5, 6, 7, & 8, PACK 1, and Tracy Queen V.1, and a contributor to OPCA 8 and OPCA 9, Jacey Chase is an independent artist and content creator. Their artwork draws inspiration from fantasy, art nouveau, cartoons, and comics. Jacey has a background in web marketing and enjoys helping other artists connect with their audience more effectively.


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Sophia Murphy

Guest artist for Mr. Guy – Act I, with guest art in OPCA 9,  and guest artist for Tracy Queen V.2, and  cover artist for OPCA 10, Sophia Murphy is an independent artist, writer, and theatre director based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She aims to combine her love of genre storytelling in all forms with more representation for the LGBTQ community.


David Gueringer

Writer/composer of Mr. Guy’s Theme song, David is a classically and jazz trained pianist and clarinetist with over 18 years of performing experience. He takes a musicians-approach in modern composing. Playing in symphonies, orchestras, jazz bands, drum line, and his current band, Doum Sound, David has fostered a love for many styles of music and hands on experience with playing and structuring a wide range of genres. With the tutelage and expertise of many world-class instructors, including Danny Leake (sound engineer), Dr. Soo Lee (pianist), James Perkins (woodwinds), and many others, he has gained a depth in knowledge of performing, composing, and working with audio in a professional setting. Through these influences he creates truly unique audio experiences.


Mr. Guy’s editor

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Lynsey G

Editor and co-publisher of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, co-founder of Oneshi Press (contributor and editor for Children of Gaia, writer and co-creator of Tracy Queen and PACK), Lynsey G started writing young and never stopped. Her work across multiple genres has appeared in Rolling Stone, Glamour, Playboy, Allure, Men’s Health, Bitch Magazine, and elsewhere. She was the curator of a one-woman video art show at apexart in New York City in 2012. One of the documentary films she created for that show won a 2013 Feminist Porn Award. She is also the author of the IPPY Award–winning book Watching Porn, an informative text about the adult entertainment industry cleverly disguised as a memoir.


Oneshi Press Associate Credits:

Mr. Guy letterer, Cardinal Rae, Zombified Bio Pic

Cardinal Rae

Cardinal Rae, letterer for Mr. Guy – Act I – Arcs I – IV, is a letterer and designer who has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dynamite Comics, Oneshi Press, A Wave Blue World, and loads of other comics and comics-related/comics-adjacent things. She frequently works with writers Meredith Finch (Wonder Woman, Rose, Xena) and Erica Schultz (Daredevil, Forgotten Home, Twelve Devils Dancing), and currently letters the Eisner-nominated book Crowded for Image Comics. She has lettered for both Tracy Queen and PACK, and provided beta reads for Children of Gaia.


Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba

Ludwig provided the flats for Mr. Guy – Act I – Arc I – Stoopid Vermin. Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba is a freelance comic book page flatter. He has provided flats for both Tracy QueenPACK & Children of Gaia.


Mr. Guy Proof reader, Marketing Consultant, and Supplemental Flatter, Deus Nova's zombified bio pic

Deus Nova 42

Beta reader, proofreader, marketing consultant, and supplemental works flatter for Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, Deus Nova 42 is a consummate editor, avid spoiler theorist, finely tuned plot hole detector, and constant source of support. She has provided beta reads, feedback, and valuable insight for Children of GaiaTracy Queen, and PACK, as well as other Oneshi Press works.

Mr. Guy Act 1 – Kickstarter Credits:

Without these noble individuals, who apparently love heckin’ sweet comics, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1 would still just be a weird glint in our eyes. Thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter!

No Reward

Angela Rozhon, Angie Rowntree, Bernard Walker, Bill Drew, Carolyn Covelli, Charley Macorn, Claudia, DeusNova42, Elena, Chris & Rio, Jack Drew, Kelley-Jean Griswold, Nora Lee Drew, The Creative Fund, Tim Miller, voopytimes


Arthur Castro, Brandon Eaker, CJ, Cerise Cauthron, cfp33pfc, Chris Lackie, Craig Hackl, Dan Kawecki, Edward William Jackson, F.J. Dib, Gary Phillips, Gillian Ivy, Jay Lofstead, Jonathan Mendonca, Justin Nafziger, Kal Clintberg, maileguy, Marco Moll, Matthias Lamm, Mike Chase, Prometheus, Robert Scott Clark, Robin, rosetta mcbride, Mr. Abstracto, Tina, Walter Ostlie, Wayne’s Comics Podcast (Wayne Hall)


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