Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and Oneshi Press are proud to introduce you to the creators on our growing team. The amount of combined professional experience in our roster is staggering, so we’ll only be listing the most pertinent experiences of team members.  Please be sure to subscribe to our Patreon Campaign to keep our growing team fed, and get tons of great perks, including works in progress, a high-res copy of each new page as it’s available, and everything we publish in print and/or digital!

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco

Publisher, Creator, Writer, Designer, and Lead Illustrator for Mr. Guy

Mr Guy Illustrator, Walter Ostlie's zombified bio pic

Walter Ostlie

Illustrator of Mr. Guy 1, Arc 2.

Mr. Guy illustrator, Diana Camero's zombified bio pic

Diana Camero

Illustrator for Mr. Guy 1, Act 3

MNr. Guy Illustrator, Jacey Chase's zombified bio pic

Jacey Chase

Illustrator for Mr. Guy 1, Arc 4

Mr. Guy Illustrator, Sonne's zombified bio pic


Cover illustrator for Mr. Guy 1

David Gueringer

David Gueringer

Composer for the Mr. Guy Theme Song

Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter, Artist Zombie bio pic for Sophia Murphy

Sophia Murphy

Guest Artist for Mr. Guy 1



Cover illustrator for Mr. Guy 2

Angela Oddling - Zombie Biographical Picture Zom-Bio-Pic

Angela Oddling

Illustrator for Mr. Guy 2 Intro

James Groeling

James Groeling

Illustrator of Mr. Guy 2, Arc 5

Daniel Hooker

Daniel Hooker

Illustrator of Mr. Guy 2, Arc 6

Michel Abstracto

Michel Abstracto

Illustrator of Mr. Guy 2, Arc 7

Wren Rios

Wren Rios

Illustrator of Mr. Guy 2, Arc 8

‘Skooba’ Steve Myers

‘Skooba’ Steve Myers

Pencils and Inks for Castle BigMart

Whitney Cook

Whitney Cook

Colorist for Castle BigMart

Mr. Guy editor and publisher, Lynsey g's zombified bio pic

Lynsey G

Publisher, and Editor for Mr. Guy

Joey Galvez

Joey Galvez

Marketing & PR for Mr. Guy 2

Ludwig Olimba

Ludwig Olimba

Flatter for Mr. Guy 1 & 2

Mr. Guy letterer, Cardinal Rae, Zombified Bio Pic

Cardinal Rae

Letterer for Mr. Guy 1 & 2

Without these noble individuals, who apparently love heckin’ sweet comics, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter would still just be a weird glint in our eyes. Thanks to everyone who supported these comics!

Mr. Guy Act 2 – Kickstarter Credits:

No Reward

Wolfe, Pink, Kevin Joseph

Act 2 – Digital

Dead Fish Books, Deborah A. Flores, Krinsky, Chris Lackie, Craig Hackl, John O’Hare, Clay Adams, John MacLeod, IMPtoons, Owl, Gary Phillips, Brandon Eaker

Acts 1 & 2 – Digital

Travis Gibb, Samantha Branch – Will Not Bow Comics, Sarah Swanson, Robert A Multari, GreenShirt52, Alyson Zamarron, Susan Wilson, Peter Taylor, Eric K, Theravenking, Will Allred, Nytefyre, T.J. Wiley, Matthias, Josh Figueroa, Dr. T Dackel, Jonathan Wagner, Adrian M, Sonse Cahun, Nathaniel Adams, Steven Prince, Jasmine Wittig, Allen Alberti, Brandon Hall, JuanR, Travis Zheetpants, Jon Chua, Sherrie the fruitbat, JustNikki626

Act 2 – Print & Digital

The Abstractest Abstracto, Allen Dunford, LSHBear, Chris Brimmage, Shadowind, Muggins McGarski, Viet Huynh, Matt Northrup, Mike Connell, Gopala Hébert, the other Gop, WkdWest, Ben Lacy, Malcolm & Parker Curtis, Tyler James, James Johnson

Acts 1 & 2 – Print & Digital

John “AcesofDeath7“ Mullens, Sunny Side Dice, Sandra Johnson, Brock Sampson, David Swisher, Scott Pezza, Karla and Jared Love, Two Dimension Podcast, Kelly John C, Teddy Garrett, Ryan Claytor, Jacey Chase, Shawn McCauley, Whitney Cook, CreativeJenni, Dwapook, Darren Lee, 7, Az and O, life long fans, Hota, Brian Mattucci, Kitty Powell, James Quillen

Mr. Guy’s Pockets

Galaysia, SElizabethArt, John Andrews

Spooky’s Secret Stash


Big D’s Gadunkatrunk

Bree, Ruthenia, “the punkchick“

And the Kitchen Sink

JM Balbuena

Mr. Guy Act 1 – Kickstarter Credits:

No Reward

Angela Rozhon, Angie Rowntree, Bernard Walker, Bill Drew, Carolyn Covelli, Charley Macorn, Claudia, DeusNova42, Elena, Chris & Rio, Jack Drew, Kelley-Jean Griswold, Nora Lee Drew, The Creative Fund, Tim Miller, voopytimes


Arthur Castro, Brandon Eaker, CJ, Cerise Cauthron, cfp33pfc, Chris Lackie, Craig Hackl, Dan Kawecki, Edward William Jackson, F.J. Dib, Gary Phillips, Gillian Ivy, Jay Lofstead, Jonathan Mendonca, Justin Nafziger, Kal Clintberg, maileguy, Marco Moll, Matthias Lamm, Mike Chase, Prometheus, Robert Scott Clark, Robin, rosetta mcbride, Mr. Abstracto, Tina, Walter Ostlie, Wayne’s Comics Podcast (Wayne Hall)


AJ Mesiti, Alex & Anthony Wynter, Caleb Palmquist, Charles Greenthorn, Dave Goldberg, Elfego Baca, Erlinda Sustaita, GMark C, Gopala Hébert, Jana, John Crowther, John MacLeod, Laura Covelli, Muggins McGarskie, Monica Barner, Patrick McEvoy, Pink Pitcher, Pren, rename, Shadowind, ShunnedOwl, Spyro, Sylvia Johnson, Wicked West


Adrian King & Eileen Melendez, Alex Henri, Beth Johnson, buttonmashvixen, Cascadia Studio, Funny Figs, Joey Galvez, Kieran Hingston, Lawrence Bell, Mark Rhoades, Michael Nash, Michelle Couture, Neil Allen Moherman, No, Parker & Malcolm Curtis, Sarah T-rexy


Annie and George, Crystal, Flokee13, Jacob, Sandra, and Florence Couture, Laurie Daniels, Nicole Tropicana, Samson Johnson, Stephanie Mesiti


Corey Johnson, Jacey Chase, Leighann “ldbean” Baxa, Myron Fox, None Please, PhyrexiaHive, Sandra Lourenco Johnson, Sophia Murphy