Nikki Powers

Mr. Guy 3, The Aspicdemic, The Cheese Caves

Letterer for Mr. Guy 3

Nikki Powers (she/her) lettered Breaking Point in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3 and The Berbackus featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9. She lettered Children of Gaia: Cohorts in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 13, and Installments 2 & 3 of PACK 4: Chastity.

Writer/Artist/Letterer Hybrid Monster Nikki Powers is a 90s kid hellbent on doodling her way to the grave. She also writes comics about women who punch things. She will letter your comics for you because words can be beautiful.

Nikki has lettered numerous independent comics and written some. You can find her lettering in a variety of independent publishers, including Plastic Sword Press, Oneshi Press, and Scout Comics, and in anthologies such as Colossal Chaos, Speculative Relationships, and Cthulhu is Hard to Spell.