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Super Serious Comics reviews Mr. Guy

“Quirky, fun and brimming with humour, Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter is a Pratchett-esque zombie romp well worth sinking your teeth into!”

“The protagonist also manages to maintain a nice blend of competence and helplessness as the story progresses, continually finding himself outgunned but managing to survive and move on after each encounter.”

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FTO Interview with Lynsey and Jayel of Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press co-founders Lynsey G and Jayel Draco team up to give FTO Nerd Talk Podcast the full scoop. We talk about Mr. Guy, inspirations, production ideas, the industry at large, Tracy Queen, PACK, and more.

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Two Dimension Podcast

Two Dimension Podcast Episode 257: Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press join us to discuss two collections of indie comics they are funding that tell origin stories from zombies to indigenous superheroes to queer cowboys and beyond on their Origins Campaign on Kickstarter.”

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Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter and Th Origins Comics Anthology on the Wayne's Comics Podcast

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #441: Interview w/ Lynsey. & Jayel

“I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G and Jayel Draco from Oneshi Press during Episode 441! These two are the co-founders and driving forces behind that company, and right now, they have a Kickstarter project underway supporting Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the 10th edition of their Oneshi Press Anthology series. We discuss how they put the anthology book together as well as how Mr. Guy came into existence, among other things! … Don’t miss this fun chat with these rising stars in indie comics!”

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Adrian Has Issues Episode 157: The Reluctant Zombie (with Jayel Draco)

“Jayel and Adrian engage in an irreverent yet poignant conversation about Oneshi’s latest project, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. The story revolves around a wisecracking half-goblin determined to cure himself of a zombie infection…and possibly save the world in the process. While discussing the book’s themes and origins, Jayel examines the nature of parody and meta humor in storytelling, and Adrian learns a valuable lesson about life thanks to gelatin-encased foodstuffs known as aspic. Oh, and the Red Baron makes an appearance or two. Why? You’ll have to listen in and find out! ”

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Jayel Draco and Lynsey G talk to Joey Galvez from The House of Indie Podcast about Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter and the Origins Anthology

Jayel Draco and Lynsey G Talk Mr. Guy and the Origins Anthology on The House of Indie Podcast

“In this episode, Joey speaks with Jayel & Lynsey, co-founders of Oneshi Press. They discuss their 6th Kickstarter, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, as well as their past successful works. Jayel & Lynsey drop some insight about what they believe the landscape of the comic book industry could look like. Collaboration over competition, a philosophy to live by…You just gotta listen and find out…So many light bulbs were turned on in this episode, so you know you wanna hear it!!”

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