Tess Langston

Mr. Guy 2, Mr. Guy 3, The Cheese Caves

Co-Writer & Illustrator of The Cheese Caves.

Tess (she/her) artist and co-writer for Mr. Guy Gheese Caves, has had guest art published in Mr. Guy 2, and has inked for Children of Gaia: Cohorts.

She is an autistic writer, artist, and founder of ShadowCast Studio. She also self publishes Legend Catcher and Coffee Ghost. Her love of sequential storytelling sprouted from being read “Where The Wild Things Are” and grew with animation, Sunday comics, manga and graphic novels. Every chance she gets she crams her three biggest special interests, Biology, Mythology, and Comics/Animation into her work. Her muses are monsters, emotional vulnerability, and the extremes of snappy comedy and dark horror.