A Letter from the Editor

Mr. Guy Act 1 - Arc 1 cover page by Jayel Draco

Hi there, reader.

Welcome to Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. This over-the-top adventure is an experiment in both storytelling and sequential art that we call an “art-thology.” We hope you’ll call it amazing. Twelve 8-page story arcs will make up the series. Each arc, written by Jayel Draco, will be drawn by a different artist, creating a smorgasbord of visual stylings that tell Mr. Guy’s epic story in a way you’ve never seen before.

So, what about that story?

Our eponymous hero, a self-centered yet attractive goblin named Mr. Guy, pulls no punches and takes no crap. Haunted by a sassy spectre named Spooky, who prevents a zombie bite in his left arm from spreading throughout the rest of his body, Mr. Guy finds his life during the apocalypse a real drag. In order to save himself from zombification—or damnation—he’ll go to heck and back to free himself from this curse. But, if he wants to fix what ails him, he’ll have to figure out what ails the rest of the world…and destroy a whole lot of the undead on the way.

mr. Guy twitch.tv/youtube Eww emote mr. Guy twitch.tv/youtube Spooky Smug emoteEach eight-page arc will deconstruct a popular take on the zombie apocalypse as Mr. Guy tries to find out what really brought about the zombie apocalypse. Could it have been a retrovirus? Perhaps a voodoo spell? Maybe divine retribution? How about GMOs? Are we saying it’s aliens?

Enjoy the adventures to come, and stay tuned…there’s a lot more Mr. Guy on the way from Oneshi Press!

Lynsey G.

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