Mr. Guy’s Kickstarter is ALIVE!

A panel from Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter Act 1 arc 2 a damned drink by walter ostlie
Image from Arc 2: A Damned Drink, illustrated by Walter Ostlie.

Long months of gory and hilarious preparation in the mad-science/indie-publishing lab have concluded. And now, at long last, the Kickstarter to fund Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the Origins Anthology is ALIVE! It launched today, and it’ll stay re-animated until July 31!

This month, two amazing comics collections will shamble toward funding:

  1. The first issue of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter—a slapstick deconstruction of zombie horror written by Jayel Draco and illustrated in turns by Jayel Draco, Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, and Jacey Chase. But then, you know all about that.
  2. This campaign will also fund the 10th Oneshi Press Comics Anthology—Origins! This massive collection is packed with 14 short comics and art from over two dozen diverse indie creators from around the world!

The mad scientists at Oneshi Press have already successfully funded five Kickstarters! But crowdfunding is never a sure thing. With two huge books and over 30 creators involved, this undead beast of a Kickstarter must raise $10K in one month. That means it needs to get off to a strong start. And that’s where you can help! The Kickstarter may be alive, but it needs your support to succeed!

Help this Kickstarter really come alive:

  1. Pledge if you can! Every pledge, no matter how small, helps enormously—and comes with rewards! Digital comics and art! Signed, printed books! Stickers! Hand-painted original art pieces! 3D-printed statues! Sponsorship opportunities! Heck, there’s even socks in here! And, hey, look at that! It’s a special 1st-Day-Only rewards tier that smooshes over $70 of retail value into a $35 pledge—and disappears after the 1st day of the campaign! Get over here before it’s gone!
  2. Pledges aren’t the only way to help! You can also “Like” our posts about the campaign on social media. (Find Oneshi Press on Twitter, Facebook, and Insta.) Then share those posts with your own circles!
  3. Comment on posts about the campaign on social media and here on the blog! Interaction with any post, anywhere, gives Mr. Guy content a boost so more people can see it!
  4. Share the Kickstarter link on your social media accounts, blog posts, Reddit threads, and anywhere else you can think of! Just tell people about Oneshi Press, about Mr. Guy, about the anthology, and about the 30+ people whose work appears in this campaign!
  5. Follow the campaign on Kickstarter! That shows Kickstarter that people are interested in the project and encourages them to show it to more people.

Any or all of the above steps will help this campaign turn from a barely alive reanimated corpse to a raging monster of indie creative success. And that’s a good thing, we swear. So, thanks for your support, folks!

And stay tuned for more Mr. Guy updates all month long right here at MrGuyComic.com!

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