Artist Interview: Diana Camero on Zombie Hordes, Action Sequences, and Gore

town on fire panel by diana camero for mr. guy zombie hunter

As the Kickstarter to fund Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter continues, we’re bringing you face-to-face (digitally) with the creators who made it! This week? Diana Camero, the illustrator behind Arc 3—Muskrat City, as well as “Guts,” a short comic with Lynsey G. We talked to Diana about zombie hordes, zombie butts, and zombie girlfriends!

Mr. Guy illustrator, Diana Camero's zombified bio picOneshi Press: Who the heck are you? How’d you get into making comics?

Diana Camero: Hey! my name is Diana Camero, Mexican illustrator and comic artist! and I got the opportunity to get involved in comics not so long ago, never tried it before as a professional because I only had jobs as a graphic designer or illustrator (tho my heart always belonged to comics and 2D animation), so I decided to give it a try.

OP: How the heck did you end up working on Mr. Guy?

DC: I worked on the comic “Guts” by Lynsey G. (Pretty cool comic, you should check it out!) Fortunately, she liked my work and one year later she introduced me to Jayel, who invited to work on Mr. Guy.

OP: Tell us about your arc in Mr. Guy—”Muskrat City”.

DC: To get their way through Parasol Labs and find the cure against zombieism, Mr. Guy and Spooky need to get some weapons to fight the zombie horde!

OP: What did you enjoy about “Muskrat City”?

DC: What I most enjoyed about my arc was drawing a bunch of different zombies, the action, blood, and gore everywhere. Mr.Guy and Spooky are really fun characters. Together they make a great team and kick zombie butts!

feeling very biteable mr guy zombie hunter panel by diana cameroOP: What was most challenging about creating the art for your arc?

DC: Visualizing and deciding the sequence of action. I had too many ideas of how it should be drawn, so I kept replaying the action in my head over and over again.

OP: What do you think about the art-thology approach of multiple artists telling one story?

DC: Totally cool and really attractive to the eye. It’s really interesting to see the variety and style of each artist. It turned out amazing!

OP: Tell us about creating a huge mob of fantasy-creature zombies! What was that like?

DC: Hahaha! Kind of tiring but I was satisfied in the end. I even made a cameo of my girlfriend and myself in one of the pages!

OP: How was your experience working with Oneshi Press?

DC: It was awesome! Jayel and Lynsey are the coolest people, and I’m looking forward to working with them and making more comics in the future!

OP: What else are you working on now, or what have you worked on recently?

DC: Nothing at the moment. I’ve been focusing on my day job, but I’m always open to doing more comics.

OP: Where can readers find you and your work online?

DC: On Instagram and Behance and also Twitter.

remember who the sidekick is mr. guy zombie hunter panel by diana camero

Watch Diana’s video comments on Mr. Guy here!

Then support her work by pledging, sharing, following, or otherwise supporting the Kickstarter! And don’t forget to come back to Oneshi Press next week for an interview with Jacey Chase, another Mr. Guy artist!

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