A Sleeker, Smarter, Smexier Relaunch on August 10!

Don’t Get Sad, Get Smart!

The Kickstarter to fund Mr. Guy did not meet its funding goal. That means that the creative team doesn’t get any of the $7K that was pledged. But, if Mr. Guy and Spooky have taught us anything, it’s that if you don’t figure out how to solve the zombie apocalypse one way… You try a different way! So, instead of being sad, we’ve been busy making a super-genius plan to get Mr. Guy and the Origins Anthology made after all!

We made a video about it:

Here are plan details:

We’re going to transfer the momentum from the last campaign—and $7K is a lot of momentum, right?—into a relaunched campaign. It starts on August 10! And that’s an important date, so make sure you mark your calendar, put an alert on your phone, set an alarm, and get psyched about it.

August 10 is important because we’re setting a lower goal of just $5K for the relaunch. Then, when all of the folks who pledged to the first campaign turn around and pledge to the relaunch—on the first day, August 10—we’ll demolish the funding goal immediately.

Then, we’ll start collecting stretch goals! In the end, everybody will get more amazing indie comics goodness, art, and more than they did the first time around. Together, we’ll make this relaunch a bigger, better, badder-ass-er campaign!

We’re hard at work right now, streamlining the relaunch, creating new art and marketing materials, submitting the campaign for Kickstarter to review. And, you know, preparing the world for the awesomeness of the new campaign. In the meantime, remember the date August 10, and hold on to your butts.

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