Last Chance for Mr. Guy: Act 2!

Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter meets Cthulhu

24 Hours Left!

We’re closing in on the last 24 HOURS of funding for Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter #1 & 2!

The campaign is still in full swing, but we have some way to go to meet our funding goal by 6:30 pm on Thursday, October 6!

This is your last chance to preorder this epic, hilarious send-up of all things zombie… And the next 24 hours will be the most exciting of the Kickstarter!

We’ve got so much to look forward to…

glorious aspic art print unlocked free for all backers

New Backer Bonus!

We’re still unlocking backer bonuses left and right, and this is your last chance to get them!

Mr. Guy prefers his food suspended in gelatin

So, naturally, you’ll find aspic references and images throughout Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. It only felt right to memorialize Mr. Guy’s love of all things jiggly in this stunning art piece by Jayel Draco.

We’re sending every backer a high-resolution digital epic aspic pic with their digital rewards! Plus, backers at Tier 3 ($24) and up will also get a physical 5×7″ print of the Glorious Aspic!

Jayel Draco Commissions!

Jayel Draco, the creator or Mr. Guy and legendary illustrator of comics, paintings, fantasy books, and more, doesn’t do commissions these days…

Except for the next 24 hours!

We’ve unlocked an amazing opportunity as a 24-hour bonus for any backer!

Now’s your chance to commission Jayel for a fully illustrated, full-color image of a person, pet, or other character for just $249!

Back the campaign at any level, then choose the commission as an add-on!

8 original art pages by james groeling

Another Epic Add-on!

We’ve also unlocked all 8 of James Groeling’s hand-pencilled and -inked original pages of “Arc 5: The Big D”!

In this first chapter of Act 2, Mr. Guy and Spooky get a tour of Heck from Dante, who shows them each circle, sneaks them into the backstage area, and eventually helps them escape the Big D himself!

These stunning pages were made the old-fashioned way, and James wants to share the process with our backers! So, now we’ve unlocked them as add-ons!

There are only 8 pages in existence, so they’re be first-come, first serve! Honestly, we’re kind of jealous that our backers get to purchase these one-of-a-kind pages, and we don’t…

Still, we want you to take advantage of your last chance! Back now so you don’t miss out!

mr guy funko pop giveaway

Funko Pop! Giveaway!

Plus, we’re still accepting entries to win our hand-sculpted custom Mr. Guy Funko Pop!

Just head to the campaign and leave a comment saying what you love about Mr. Guy, and say #IWantThatFunko! Easy!

This is your last chance, so leave your comment soon!

You DO NOT need to back the campaign to enter! Backers DO get extra chances to win—one extra entry for each pledge tier!

mr guy zombie hunter crossover prints fistful of pain ichabod monster hunter snow paw unicorn vampire hunter

Crossover Prints!

We’ve teamed up with four other amazing creators we love to bring backers Kickstarter-exclusive art prints starring Mr. Guy and other characters! Just back both campaigns, then leave a comment on Mr. Guy telling us what you love, plus the appropriate hashtag for your backed campaign…

  • A Fistful of Pain
  • Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter
  • Snow Paw
  • Unicorn: Vampirine Hunter

Be sure you claim your exclusive prints before the campaign wraps up!

mr guy zombie hunter campaign bonuses free comics socks lego minifig tree planted

And Oodles More!

We’ve got plenty more add-ons to unlock, bonuses to add to our backers’ orders, and even stretch goals still lying in wait…

  • Free digital comics for all backers!
  • Free Mr. Guy audio comic!
  • Mr. Guy’s Socks!
  • Mr. Guy minifig toys!
  • A tree planted for every backer!

Now’s the time to back and get all the goodies your heart desires!

Last Chance for 2 Epic Comics!

Of course, all of the above is in addition to 110+ pages of this hilariously irreverent story of a half-goblin reluctant hero trying to find the cause of the zombie apocalypse so he can save himself…and save us all.

All written by Jayel Draco, each 8-page chapter of the story is illustrated by a different artist, so you can see this dashing character imagined by 9 brilliant illustrators!

Countdown Party!

We’ll count down the last hour and a half of this campaign LIVE on Twitch, and we want YOU there!

Join us as we discover whether Mr. Guy will triumph over zombiedom, chat with viewers and creators live, and give away the Mr. Guy Funko Pop! live on the Oneshi Press Twitch channel from 5-7:00 pm Mountain Time, October 6, 2022!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Last Chance! Hurry and Back Now!

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