“Mr. Guy, Act 1” Is Funded! Time to Stretch!

Woah. We’re Funded.

The Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter crew is frikkin’ psyched to announce that Act 1 of this zom-com art-thology is fully funded! We met our funding goal for the undead, reanimated Kickstarter in less than six heckin’ hours!

Do you know what that means? It means you are amazing, friends and fans and followers! Holy bananas, are we blown away by your support! And we want to show you just how grateful we are with more rewards! Do you know what that means?

Now it’s time to limber up, because we are going for stretch goals!

mr guy stretch goals art prints by jayel draco

Stretch Goal #1

First to bat the stretch goal lineup? Exclusive, Kickstarter-only art for every single one of our backers! Digital-only pledges will get high-resolution downloads, and physical-level pledges will get high-quality, full-color art prints of the three gorgeous art pieces (above), all created by Jayel Draco. That’s in addition to all their other sweet rewards, of course!

But that’s not all. We’ve got two more stretch goals lined up behind those, including printed copies of the Origins Anthology and a whole new eight-page comic set in Mr. Guy’s gruesome, gonzo world! We made a little video about all the stretch goals!

How You Can Help

We’ve still got three weeks to go on this campaign, so there’s plenty of time to rack up these stretch goals. But what we need to make that happen is your help! We’ve gotta keep spreading the word about the campaign, the book, the rewards, the zombie apocalypse, and the stretch goals!

Every share of this link right here helps us find new victims—er, we mean backers—to share Mr. Guy with! And every like, comment, and share of our social media posts (on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) helps, too! Heck, you can even call your Aunt Sally to tell her about it, if she’s into zombies, laughing, and gorgeous art from diverse indie artists! What we’re saying is, please tell people about the campaign!

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