New Website, Who Dis?

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Mr. Guy is a dashing, handsome, very smooth gentle-goblin, as we all know. So we got to thinking. Seems to us that his website should be as sleek, chic, and downright smexy as he is! That’s why we’re announcing the relaunch of MrGuyComic.com!

Now, this very website boasts a streamlined new look, better functionality on desktop and mobile, updated team credits, and a whole lot of new art! But mostly, it got a super-duper-ultra-mega modern makeover that we think you’ll love!

Here’s your personal invitation to the new website.

At the new MrGuyComic.com, you can:

  • Get all the juicy details on how Mr. Guy became a zombie hunter—on the About page! 
  • Listen to the Mr. Guy theme song and the “Castle BIGmart” performance—also on the About page!
  • Ogle oodles of original art from illustrators, collaborators, and fans of everyone’s favorite reluctant hero—at the Art Galleries!
  • Boggle your own mind with Mr. Guy’s impact on the internet—on the Buzz page! 
  • Catch up on interviews with creators and the latest news—at the Mr. Guy blog!
  • Swoon over the astonishing talent of the Mr. Guy creative team—on the Team Credits page!
  • And tell the Mr. Guy crew how cool the new website is—viat he Contact page!

It’s all happening right now at MrGuyComic.com! Take it for a spin, then let us know what you think!

And don’t forget! The first act of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is still live on Kickstarter right now! Preorder your copy of the book and lots of other amazing rewards before September 10!

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