Mr. Guy’s Undead Countdown Party (with Jell-O)!

2 Days to Go!

The relaunched campaign to fund printing of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, Act 1 is counting down its last days on Kickstarter! This undead effort has demolished its funding goal of $5K. Now, it’s shambling, shuffling, and smashing its way through stretch goals until September 10!

With two stretch goals already defeated—including extra art and zombie adoption art cards for all backers—we’re on track to clear our third stretch goal: A print run of the Origins Anthology! This 120-page, full-color, utterly gorgeous collection of origin stories from two dozen diverse creators will be fully funded if the campaign can make 150% of its funding goal by the end of the Kickstarter campaign. We’ll send this stunning perfect-bound anthology to our backers and up and the creators whose 13 short comics appear inside it!

You’re Invited to a (Virtual) Party!

To celebrate the end of the campaign, we’re throwing a party! On Thursday, September 10 at 4:00 pm MDT (that’s 11:00 BST, 6:00 Eastern, 3:00 Pacific), we’ll go live on Twitch and watch the ticker run out on the Kickstarter! We’ll chat with viewers, show off the gorgeous art in Mr. Guy…and nervously wait to see if we’re going to hit Stretch Goal #2.

That’s because, if we hit 150% funded by the time the campaign ends, Oneshi Press co-founders Jayel and Lynsey will have to live up to their solemn vow. They promised our backers that, if we hit Stretch Goal #2 before the timer runs out on Thurday, they’ll eat a Jell-O mold laced with Peeps (the Pancakes & Syrup flavor) and Peeps Cereal. A Peeps Jell-O Salad, if you will.

And they’ll eat it live. On stream. While you watch.  

It promises to be an…interesting…evening. Please join us! (You can RSVP on Facebook if you’d like to receive notifications before the event begins.)

Hurry to help us meet that stretch goal—and preorder your copy of Mr. Guy and the Origins Anthology—before the campaign ends on September 10!

Never miss a countdown party…or a weird live-stream stunt…when you join the Oneshi Press mailing list!

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