Not Into Zombie Hunting? Adopt a Zombie Instead!

Not everyone wants to re-dead-ify the living impaired! In fact, some of us want to provide them with the tender loving after-life care they need. Are you one of us?

The Zombie Adoption Program (ZAP), an interactive storytelling subscription set in the world of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, launches today at the Sanctuary for the Living Impaired!

About the Zombie Adoption Program

Handsome Farmer Curtis (pictured above, and whom you might recognize from the first arc of Mr. Guy: Zombe Hunter) was just a simple farmer, trying to move forward in strange and frightening times. He’d tried the conventional approaches to zombie control, even went as far as to hire a zombie hunter… But that was big-time spendy, and the clean-up sure was a chore.

That’s when it hit him.

Heck, these shamblin’ types were just trying to un-live their best after-lives! Why spend all his hard-earned cash on zombie hunters when he could give these un-dead folks some tender loving after-life care instead? So, he decided to turn his farm into the Sanctuary for the Living Impaired. 

Carrrl, Dinah, Wilms, Bobby, and Xanadughhh are all up for adoption today at ZombieAdoptionProgram.com!

Step 1: Adopt Your Zombie

The recently un-deceased individuals in residence at the Sanctuary need food, clothing, shelter. You know, all the things that make the after-life worth un-living! With your help, Handsome Farmer Curtis aims to make that happen.

That’s where you come in. Adopt a zombie today for as little as $3 a month, and you’ll get monthly updates and art of your un-dead pal. But more than that, you’ll help guide their after-life by voting on the important decisions about their care!

Step 2: Decide What They’ll Eat

First up? Zombie food.

The recently un-deceased are notorious for their outsize appetites, and the five folks under Handsome Farmer Curtis’s care are no different. They’re starting to look at him with a certain gluttonous gleam in their eyes…

So, what will he feed these ravenous residents?

  1. His prize-winning cow, Lucy?
  2. Tofu textured and flavored like human flesh?
  3. Or all of his leftover Halloween candy?

Only the zombie adopters can decide on this and other important aspects of the un-dead’s upkeep, starting today! Sign up now at ZombieAdoptionProgram.com to choose your favorite shamblin’ type, then start voting!

Extra-special sign-up bonuses! Everyone who subscribes in October will get a special welcome package, including a handwritten letter from Handsome Farmer Curtis, a sweet sticker, and a postcard about their zombie. And, for the next week only, ZAP co-creator Caleb Palmquist will draw a selfie of you and your adopted zombie!

So hurry! Subscribe soon at ZombieAdoptionProgram.com!

Step 3: Party!

This Halloween looks different from most. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be spook-tacular! Tonight, you can celebrate the launch of the Zombie Adoption Program and have some spooky fun!

The ZAP crew—Lynsey G, Jayel Draco, and Caleb Palmquist—will go live on Twitch tonight, October 30! They’ll carve pumpkins, eat brains, and talk about zombies all night, starting around 5:00 MDT (7:00 Eastern/4:00 Pacific)!

Join in via live chat when you log in to Twitch, whether you’re adopting or not! Let’s celebrate the launch of the ZAP and all things spooky!

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