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Mr. Guy Is Almost Heckin’ Here!

Hold on to your spectral sidekicks and your implements of zombie destruction, folks! The first act of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is almost here! And preorders are now open (and on sale)!

We didn’t print too many of these high-quality, full-color, overstuffed bad boys. The world can only handle so much awesome, and with our Kickstarter and Patreon backers getting first dibs, we won’t have many left over when they’ve all gotten theirs.

So, basically, preorder your paperback copy now! And there’s a super-sweet bonus: they’re on sale for $2.50 off until the release on December 9, 2020!

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About Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter: Act 1: To Save Himself

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is a zombie-apocalypse caper of ridiculous proportions. Our reluctant hero, Mr. Guy, is your average half-goblin dude just trying to get by in his modern high-fantasy world. Then, on a cow-babysitting gig, he gets bitten by some decomposing jerk! Instead of shambling back from the dead, he discovers his bite wound is haunted by a sassy floating skull named Spooky—who comes with neato powers! But there’s a catch: Mr. Guy and his new sidekick don’t always get along. Now, if they want to get away from each other, they’ll have to cure zombieism. 

But Mr. Guy isn’t just any comic book. It’s an art-thology! Yes…that is a word we made up, and it refers to one continuous story written by Jayel Draco and illustrated by multiple amazing artists. Each eight-page arc comes with a new artist and breaks down a different pop-culture trope while our cursed crusader investigates what caused the apocalypse…and kicks zombie butt along the way. He’ll have to confront an old west barkeep who won’t serve the living. Only to face a whole town infested with infected… Can a retrovirus cancel the apocalypse, or will it just make things worse? Stay tuned as Mr. Guy saves us all—or dies trying! 

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Preorder Now—Supplies Are Limited!

Here’s why you should preorder (and save):

Oneshi Press prints comics on high-quality paper. In full color. In small quantities—because all of the above is heckin’ expensive.

That means that there aren’t many copies of this zombie-smashing, genre-busting, pop-culture-lampooning, jam-packed volume in existence. When they’re released in a few weeks, they’ll go fast!

So, if you want to hold a copy of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter: Act 1: To Save Himself in your hands…better preorder now!

Mr. Guy wouldn’t have happened without crowdfunding, and that needed a dope AF video.

Jayel Draco, is one heckin’ skilled individual. He not only wrote Mr. Guy and illustrated the first arc of the art-thology… He also animated the video we used for our Kickstarter campaign. And now he’s sharing some of his know-how with the world—Mr. Guy-style.

In a brand-new video on YouTube, Jayel gives a tutorial on how to animate a comic book page for use in video. And guess which comic he’s animating!

It’s Mr. Guy! Get a peek inside the book and a look behind the curtain to discover how Jayel makes our comic-book animations look so heckin’ cool. (Please hit that “like” button, leave a comment, and share, share, share!)

Pretty neat, huh? If you want to find out more about Mr. Guyyou know what to do. (Hint: Preorder it.)
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