Prepare to laugh! Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is HERE!

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The heckin’ wait is finally over!

You’ve been waiting since forever for this zombie-apocalypse caper of ridiculous proportions. Well, friends, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter: Act 1: To Save Himself has finally arrived! At long last, you can hold this gorgeously weird, weirdly gorgeous art-thology in your hands in high-quality, full-color trade paperback. Or, you could grab it in digital .PDF format! Both are available now at the Oneshi Press online store!

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Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter - Act 1 comic book square cover

About Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter

Mr. Guy was just your average half-goblin dude, trying to get by in his modern-day fantasy world’s gig economy. Then some decomposing jerk bit him in the arm! Now, he’s infected with zombie-ism…and cursed with the spirit of a sassy floating skull named Spooky. Trouble is, they don’t always get along. If these two wise-cracking characters want to get away from each other, they’ll have to team up. First, they’ll fight off all these heckin’ zombies. Next, they’ll cure the apocalypse, or die trying. How tedious.

But Mr. Guy isn’t just any zombie-apocalypse comic—it’s an art-thology! Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter: Act 1 is a continuous story written by Jayel Draco, then illustrated by Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, Jacey Chase, and Jayel Draco. There’s also cover art from Sonne, letters from Cardinal Rae, and guest art from Sophia Murphy. 

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This 54-page, deluxe, full-color comic book, treats readers to a smorgasbord of visual stylings. And tells a wildly entertaining tale that deconstructs all your favorite zombie genres. It‘s one heckin’ heck of a ride—and it’s out now in in limited-edition trade paperback and digital .PDF, exclusively at the Oneshi Press store! There aren’t many in stock, so get yours today!

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